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UX writing and content that converts 

Writing words is easy. Writing the right words is hard.
That's where we come in.


Hi there, we're Copy That

We understand the episodic nature of your work and that your need for content changes all the time.

(But you can call us Oline and Michelle)

Copy That offers a solution that goes with the flow, providing the perfect compromise between the full-time writers you don’t always have enough work for, and the freelancers you spend too much time getting up to speed. 


We act as a natural extension to your company, giving you two native English-speaking writers who understand and adapt to your products, processes, and people... as if we were in-house!

What we can do for you

(Just a few examples!)


UX writing
Increase conversion and help users complete desired actions in your product UI with words that pack a punch in small spaces.  


Content strategy
Planning, structuring and writing content from inception to localization, so the story of your brand becomes a cohesive whole in all your markets. 


Product positioning and brand messaging

Building a verbal bridge between your target audience’s needs and the promise your product is supposed to deliver.

But don't take our word for it...

Get in touch

Thanks for reaching out! We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Copy That ApS

Copenhagen, Denmark


Book us for a UX writing workshop tailored to your business

"Oline and Michelle are awesome people to work with. Insanely professional and at the same time they are just very pleasant to work with. They can help at the very practical level of actually writing copy for your product (they are really good at it). They can also help educate your own product team in writing better copy (very useful). And they also know how to design a complex copywriting set up for a large, language versioned product (super hard - save a lot of time by learning from them)."

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