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Oline and Michelle are the best in class when it comes to tech copywriting. They are creative, attentive to detail, quickly catch-up on the tone of the brand and the lingo of the users. But what I loved the most when working with them is how much they are invested in the success of the product. They go way and beyond to understand the product and the UX to provide the best words so that users could understand it too.


Vita Valeikaitė
Senior Product Manager


Michelle and Oline are the most talented copywriters that I’ve ever worked with. Whether you are dealing with short labels in-product, longer help articles, or a whole communication flow around a new product launch, they take their time to understand your and your user’s needs and help you craft impactful copy that communicates the why, what and how of your product.


Milena Nikolova
Director of Product Management


Oline and Michelle are awesome people to work with. Insanely professional and at the same time they are just very pleasant to work with. They can help at the very practical level of actually writing copy for your product (they are really good at it). They can also help educate your own product team in writing better copy (very useful). And they also know how to design a complex copywriting setup for a large, language versioned product (super hard - save a lot of time by learning from them).

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