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The faces behind Copy That

Oline grew up in multicultural Canada while Michelle was an army brat who lived all over the world. The stars aligned when they met at Trustpilot where both were responsible for all product-specific content in American-English.


Even though they have different approaches to content (Oline is more creative where Michelle is more technical), their passion for user-driven content brought them together. The fact that they got on like a house on fire was the cherry on top of an already efficient collaboration. Together, they make the perfect writer, giving their clients the best of both worlds.


After establishing UX writing and localization at Trustpilot, they decided to spread their wings creatively with their agency Copy That, repeating their success story for other companies. These days, they’ve embarked on a new adventure running their own cross-departmental content team at Monta.



The Creative

Key skills: UX writing, corporate communications and branding, project management, PR and advertising

I started off as a traditional copywriter and was often frustrated by the fact that my fancy-sounding copy didn’t always perform well. Worse, I rarely knew why. So when I discovered the data-driven world of UX writing, it was truly a game-changer for me.


Before UX stole my heart, I got my MA in International Corporate Communications, and then worked at creative agencies within public relations, advertising, and media.


I moved on to Trustpilot, where I became the Head of the Localization and Copywriting Team and set up our global content strategies, processes, style guides, and tone of voice. Once this foundation was in place, I championed UX writing by making it an integrated part of the design process.

Creative writing will forever be my first love, but now I let the users and data guide me in the right direction.



The Nerd

Key skills: UX writing, information architecture, SEO, social media management, online marketing 

Where Oline is the wonderful weaver of words, I'm the Dr. Frankenstein of content. I delight in figuring out how the often scattered pieces of content fit together to form a cohesive whole, so users easily find what they're looking for. 

With an MA in Communication Studies in my pocket, I had my start in the realm of SEO and social media management, where I became proficient at keyword research and analysis, onsite and offsite optimization, and content creation geared towards a multitude of global markets.

This analytical mindset has served me well in the transition from marketing communications to UX writing. Rather than try and sell users a product after it's built, I get to dive under the hood and write useful, meaningful copy that helps users navigate their way around a product—one word at a time.

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